Fat Necrosis

  • Fat necrosis of the breast:
    • Is a benign condition that most commonly occurs as the result of breast trauma or surgical intervention
  • Fat necrosis can be confused with a:
    • Malignancy on physical examination and may mimic malignancy on radiologic studies
  • It is sometimes necessary to biopsy these lesions to confirm the diagnosis:
    • Although experienced radiologists can usually determine that a lesion represents fat necrosis based on mammographic and ultrasound findings such as:
      • Oil cysts (collections of liquefied fat)
  • Once the diagnosis is established:
    • Excision is not necessary and there is no increased risk of subsequent breast cancer
  • References
    • Guaray M, Sahin AA. Benign breast diseases: classification, diagnosis and management. Oncologist. 2006;11(5):435-449.
    • Agel NM, Howard A, Collier DS. Fat necrosis of the breast: a cytological and clinical study. Breast. 2001;10(4):342-345

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