Periductal Mastitis

  • Periductal mastitis:
    • Is an inflammatory condition of the subareolar ducts:
      • That often presents with periareolar inflammation
  • Secondary infection of inflamed ducts can occur:
    • Leading to duct damage and subsequent rupture with abscess formation:
      • These abscesses often drain spontaneously at the edge of the areola
    • Recurrent abscesses and a draining fistula can occur.
  • Most patients with periductal mastitis are smokers:
    • It has been postulated that smoking is associated with damage of the subareolar ducts:
      • With tissue necrosis and subsequent infection
    • Therefore, smoking cessation is helpful for reducing the risk of repeat infections
  • The management of subareolar abscess consists of:
    • Antibiotic therapy and abscess drainage
    • In refractory cases;
      • Excision of the fistula track is necessary
  • References
    • Schafer P, Furrer C, Mermillod B. An association of cigarette smoking with recurrent subareolar breast abscess. Int J Epidemiol 1988;17(4):810-813.
    • Bundred NJ, Dover MS, Coley S, Morrison JM. Breast abscesses and cigarette smoking. Br J Surg. 1992;79(1):58-59.

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