Margins for Ductal Carcinoma Insitu (DCIS)

  • The margin width (distance between the edge of the DCIS and the inked margin):
    • Reflects the completeness of excision and is an important determinant of local recurrence in DCIS:
      • Particularly for patients considering omission of radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery
  • In 2016, the Society of Surgical Oncology and American Society of Radiation Oncology:
    • Developed consensus guidelines regarding margins for DCIS
    • These guidelines were based on:
      • A meta-analysis of 22 studies enrolling 4,660 women treated with partial mastectomy and radiation therapy:
        • There was a 64% reduction in local recurrence risk:
          • In patients with negative margins compared to those with positive margins
        • Margin thresholds ≥2 mm were associated with fewer local recurrences
  • For patients with positive margins:
    • Either re-excision or mastectomy to achieve negative margins should be performed
  • For patients with close margins:
    • Multiple factors should be considered:
      • The volume / extent of DCIS
      • Its distribution throughout a specimen
      • The volume of the excision
      • The volume of DCIS deemed close to the margin (focal or extensive)
    • After review of pathology:
      • Re-excision and / or radiation boost should be performed
  • A post-excision mammogram:
    • May be considered to rule out residual suspicious calcifications in the partial mastectomy operative bed for targeting during re-excision, and breast-conservation therapy may be re-attempted
    • If the close margins are extensive:
      • Mastectomy may be indicated
  • References
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  • Van Zee KJ, Subhedar P, Olcese C, Patil S, Morrow M. Relationship between margin width and recurrence of ductal carcinoma in situ: analysis of 2996 women treated with breast-conserving surgery for 30 years. Ann Surg. 2015;262(4):623-631.
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