Indications for Breast-Conserving Surgery

  • Women are candidates for breast-conserving therapy:
    • If the tumor is small enough in relation to the size of the breast to permit resection of the tumor with clear margins and an acceptable cosmetic result
  • Absolute contraindications to breast-conserving therapy include:
    • Prior radiation therapy to the breast or chest wall
    • Breast cancer early in pregnancy that would necessitate radiation therapy during pregnancy
    • Diffuse suspicious, malignant-appearing micro calcifications
    • Widespread disease that precludes negative margins with a satisfactory cosmetic result
  • Retrospective reviews have shown that patients with collagen vascular diseases, specifically scleroderma:
    • Are at increased risk of radiation toxicities, even with modern techniques:
      • Therefore, the presence of scleroderma would be a relative contraindication for breast-conserving surgery
  • There have been attempts to allow for breast-conserving surgery for selected patients with multifocal or multicentric disease:
    • Retrospective data suggest that although patients with multifocal or multicentric disease have increased risk of local recurrence and lower disease-free survival:
      • This finding is independent of the type of surgery performed
    • The Alliance Z11102 study:
      • Sought to prospectively determine whether patients with multiple ipsilateral breast cancers could safely undergo breast-conserving surgery
      • Initial report in 2018 showed that breast-conserving surgery:
        • Was feasible in 93% of patients
          • And could be accomplished in one operation in 67%
      • Data regarding local regional recurrence will be forthcoming
  • Percutaneous ablation techniques:
    • Such as cryoablation have promising potential for less-invasive management of breast cancer:
      • However, it is not recommended for multicentric disease
    • Large multicenter randomized clinical trials are needed to determine long-term efficacy
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