Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans with Fibrosarcomatous Transformation

  • Voth et al:
    • Performed an extensive review of the literature and found 157 patients with DFSP with fibrosarcomatous transformation:
      • Local recurrence was significantly lower:
        • With margins ≥ 2 cm compared with those with undefined margins:
          • 20% vs. 39%, p=0.01
  • A deep margin in the surgical management of DFSP is considere adequate:
    • If it remains intact because the deep layer of the muscular fascia acted as an anatomic boundary
  • There are no data to suggest a benefit from radiation therapy:
    • If the margins are adequate:
      • Even in patients with close or unknown surgical margins:
        • The benefit is inconclusive
  • Of the 33 patients reported by Voth et al who received adjuvant radiation therapy because of concerns related to the margins:
    • 12 (36.4%) still had local recurrences
    • Five (15.2%) developed metastases
    • Three (9%) had both
  • Voth et al noted distant metastases:
    • In 21 of 157 patients (13.4%):
      • Which is higher than the less than 5% rate in ordinary DFSP
    • However, no data have shown benefit of adjuvant imatinib for DFSP:
      • Although the response rate among unresectable locally advanced or metastatic tumors approaches 50% in patients with the t(17;22) mutation
    • Imatinib therapy:
      • May be considered to downstage unresectable tumors or prior to re-excision for those with tumor-positive margins
    • Although doxorubicin is considered the single most active agent in soft tissue sarcoma:
      • There is no evidence of its efficacy in DFSP
  • References:
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