Multicentric Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)

  • Multicentric DCIS is defined as:
    • DCIS presenting as separate, discontinuous foci of disease involving more than one quadrant
  • The reported incidence of multicentricity may depend on the extent of the pathologic review and therefore varies:
    • From 18% to 60%
  • Because mammary lobules are not constrained by artificially imposed quadrant segregations:
    • Cursory pathologic examination:
      • May incorrectly interpret contiguous intraductal spread as multicentricity
  • Approximately 96% of all local recurrences:
    • After treatment of DCIS occur in the same quadrant as the index lesion:
      • Implicating residual untreated disease:
        • Rather than multicentricity as the cause of recurrence

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