Thyroid surgery for differentiated thyroid cancer — recent advances and future

Thyroid surgery for differentiated thyroid cancer — recent advances and future directions

Tracy S. Wang & Julie Ann Sosa

Nature Reviews Endocrinology volume 14, pages670–683 (2018)

Key points

The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing; this includes thyroid cancers of all tumour sizes and stages.

Molecular testing for indeterminate thyroid nodules continues to evolve and guide recommendations for the extent of thyroid surgery.

Appropriate extent of thyroidectomy for patients with low-risk thyroid cancer remains dynamic and might include active surveillance, thyroid lobectomy or total thyroidectomy.

Given the excellent outcomes for most patients with differentiated thyroid cancer, patient preference and a robust discussion regarding options for the extent of surgery and long-term surveillance are critical.

A strong association exists between surgeon volume and patient outcomes; surgeons’ awareness of their own outcomes is critical.

Referring providers, payers and policymakers should be aware of the implications of the association between surgeon volume and patient outcomes so that patient access to experienced thyroid surgeons can be optimized.

  • El entrenamiento y el volumen del cirujano son factores críticos para obtener el mejor resultado con las menores complicaciones en la cirugía de tiroides.



  • Ashok Shaha MD, FACScirujano de cabeza y cuello de Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center experto en tiroides durante su plática inaugural de la American Head and Neck Society nos habla de quien debe estar realizando cirugía de tiroides.



Rodrigo Arrangoiz MS, MD, FACS cirujano de tumores de cabeza y cuello y cirugía endocrina de Mount Sinai Medical Center cumple con los requisitos determinados por el Dr. Saha para realizar cirugía de tiroides.

Su entrenamiento fue el siguiente:

• Cirugia general y gastrointestinal
• Michigan State University:
• 2004 al 2010image-48• Cirugia oncológica / tumores de cabeza y cuello / cirugia endocrina:
• Fox Chase Cancer Center (Filadelfia):
• 2010 al 2012image-39• Maestria en ciencias (Clinical research for healthprofessionals):
• Drexel University (Filadelfia):
• 2010 al 2012image-50• Cirugia de tumores de cabeza y cuello / cirugiaendocrina
• IFHNOS / Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:
• 2014 al 2016image-51









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