Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)

  • All patients with TNBC:
    • Should be considered for a clinical trial
  • Taxanes, carboplatin, eribulin, and capecitabine:
    • Are some of the commonly used standard chemotherapeutic drugs
  • In general, medical oncologists recommend single-agent sequential therapy
  • Combination regimens:
    • Have not shown an improvement in DFS or OS
  • If the patient has a BRCA mutation:
    • He / she could be considered for a PARP inhibitor trial
  • Based on the Olympiad trial:
    • The PARP inhibitor olaparib:
      • Has shown improvement in progression-free survival
    • Several other PARP inhibitors such as niraparib and veliparib are being investigated in clinical trials:
  • An ongoing SWOG trial (SWOG 1416):
    • Is looking at the role of veliparib in mTNBC patients treated with cisplatin
  • If the patient has a mismatch repair–deficient tumor or a tumor with microsatellite instability:
    • He or she could be considered for pembrolizumab based on recent FDA approval of pembrolizumab in the tumor agnostic setting
  • In about 10% of patients, next-generation sequencing may also give a genomically driven clinical trial option

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