Primary Lymphoma of the Breast

  • Current management strategies for primary breast lymphoma are largely based on:
    • Results published in small, single-institution series
  • Historically, primary breast lymphoma was treated with:
    • Modified radical mastectomy with or without adjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy:
      • Treatment strategies had focused on anthracycline-based chemotherapy with or without consolidative radiotherapy
  • Current treatment guidelines dictate:
    • That surgery should be reserved for
      • Obtaining adequate tissue for diagnosis, if needed, and:
        • Should not be regarded as a therapeutic modality in the treatment of this disease:
          • In several series, surgery has been associated with worse outcomes
      • Some histologies may be amenable to localized surgery so understanding the disease pathology is important in decision making
      • While axillary nodal status is an important prognosticator:
        • There are no definitive guidelines regarding how to stage the axilla:
          • In addition to CT scan, axillary ultrasound with percutaneous biopsy is frequently used
      • Sentinel lymph node biopsy has not been studied in this malignancy and currently has no role in its workup
  • References
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