Risk Reducing Mastectomy

  • For patients with BRCA mutations:
    • Bilateral mastectomy is advised to reduce the risk of breast cancer
  • Mastectomy has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer:
    • In patients with hereditary cancer by 90%, according to both retrospective and prospective studies
  • In many of the seminal studies investigating surgical prophylaxis of breast cancer:
    • The type of surgery performed was a total (or simple) mastectomy:
      • Which consists of removing all breast tissue, including overlying skin, as well as the nipple‐areolar complex while sparing the pectoral muscles and axillary content
  • In the PROSE study:
    • The only two women diagnosed with breast cancer after surgical prophylaxis:
      • Had undergone skin‐sparing instead of total mastectomies:
        • One of these patients was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the time of surgery
        • The other woman went on to develop breast cancer within the residual breast epithelium
    • Therefore, total mastectomy:
      • Is still the recommended risk‐reducing surgery in BRCA carriers
  • Nipple‐sparing (NSM) and skin‐sparing (SSM) mastectomies:
    • Require a less extensive reconstruction and often a better cosmetic result
    • Since the PROSE study in 2004:
      • piece of mounting evidence demonstrates that NSM, as well as SSM:
        • May be effective forms of surgical prophylaxis in BRCA carriers
    • In a recent retrospective study, patients with BRCA who underwent prophylactic NSM at nine institutions from 1968 to 2013 were reviewed
      • In this cohort, all 346 BRCA mutation carriers who did not have incidental cancer on final pathology:
        • Did not develop breast cancer after 36 months of follow up
      • Using risk models for BRCA carriers:
        • The authors approximated that 22 primary breast cancers were expected in this cohort without prophylactic NSM
      • Nevertheless, this was a retrospective study and more evidence is needed for NSM to replace the currently recommended total mastectomy for surgical prophylaxis of breast cancer in BRCA patients
  • References:
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