Clinical Presentation of Cutaneous Melanoma

  • Clinical features of melanoma often include:
    • Variegated color
    • Irregular raised surface
    • Irregular perimeter
    • Surface ulceration
  • A biopsy should be performed on a:
    • Pigmented lesion that changes in:
      • Size
      • Configuration or
      • Color
  • The so-called ABCDEs are a mnemonic device to help clinicians and laypersons remember potential early signs of melanoma:
    • A denotes lesion asymmetry
    • B border irregularity
    • C color variegation
    • D diameter greater than 6 mm
    • E a lesion that is elevating, evolving, or enlarging
  • When a patient presents with a lesion suggestive of melanoma:
    • In addition to biopsy:
      • A thorough physical examination must be performed, with particular emphasis on the:
        • Skin:
          • Including the scalp, interdigit webspace, and intertriginous areas
        • Nodal basins
        • Subcutaneous tissues

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