ATA Modified Risk of Structural Recurrence Classification – High Risk

  • A prospective multicenter study reported:
    • A significant improvement in:
      • Overall and disease-specific mortality, as well as disease-free survival:
        • In National Thyroid Cancer Cooperative Study Group (NTCTCSG):
          • Stage III and IV patients:
            • After statistical adjustment using multivariable and propensity stratified analyses
  • Furthermore, prospectively collected data from the SEER cancer registry:
    • Suggest that postsurgical RAI therapy is associated with improved overall survival:
      • In patients with PTC with distant metastases:
        • When distant metastases were combined with:
          • Age greater than 45 years
          • Tumor size greater than 2 cm
          • Positive lymph nodes at primary diagnosis
    • Data from the SEER database also suggest that overall survival:
      • In patients with FTC with distant metastases:
        • More than doubled in patients receiving postsurgical RAI treatment
  • Thus:
    • Routine postsurgical RAI treatment is re- commended in patients with ATA high-risk DTC

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