Primary Goal of Postoperative Radioactive Iodine in Thyroid Cancer

  • Depending on the postoperative risk stratification of the individual patient:
    • The primary goal of postoperative administration of RAI after total thyroidectomy may include:
      • RAI remnant ablation:
        • To facilitate detection of recurrent disease and initial staging by tests such as Tg measurements or whole-body RAI scans)
      • RAI adjuvant therapy:
        • Intended to improve disease-free survival by theoretically destroying suspected, but unproven residual disease, es- pecially in patients at increased risk of disease recurrence)
      • RAI therapy:
        • Intended to improve disease-specific and disease-free survival by treating persistent disease in higher risk patients)
    • Additional considerations in RAI decision-making may include:
      • Patient comorbidities (and the potential impact of therapeutic doses of RAI or preparation for the procedure)
      • Feasible or preferred disease surveillance procedures
      • Patient preferences:
        • The latter being particularly important when clear data on therapeutic efficacy are lacking), or others

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