Clinical Validation of ThyroSeq V3 Shows High Sensitivity and Specificity


  • The current study validates the clinical performance of Thyroseq v3 at 10 institutions.

  • Compared to the prior 56-gene version (Thyroseq v2), the expanded 112-gene ThyroSeq v3 showed improved sensitivity (94%, vs. 90–91% for Thyroseq v2) at the expense of a decrease in specificity (82%, vs. 91–93% for ThyroSeq v2) (2-4).

  • Thyroseq v2 had a very high benign call rate, allowing many patients with cytologically indeterminate thyroid nodules to avoid surgery.

  • The risk of cancer in nodules with a negative Thyroseq v3 result (false-negative rate) was 3%, which is comparable to the false-negative rate of a benign FNA cytology result.









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