Simple Breast Cyst

  • The patient has a BIRADS 2 simple cyst
  • To be regarded as a simple cyst, a breast nodule must meet three criteria:
    • The margins must be circumscribed:
      • i.e., a margin “that is well defined or sharp, with an abrupt transition between the lesion and surrounding tissue”
    • It must be anechoic:
      • i.e., “without internal echoes”
    • It must show posterior acoustical enhancement:
      • i.e., “a column that is more echogenic deep to the mass
  • Simple cysts:
    • Are almost never associated with cancer in the absence of other abnormalities seen on mammogram or ultrasound
  • There are numerous reflectors in breast tissue, and all of the sound waves that are reflected do not make it back to the transducer:
    • Many of them bounce back and forth (reverberate) between reflectors in the tissue, and with each reverberation, part of the echoes return to the transducer, are recorded, and part undergo another excursion between the reflectors
    • Most of these echoes are obscured by all of the other echoes in the tissue, but when an otherwise anechoic window (a cyst) is present:
      • The reverberation echoes can be seen in the anterior part of the cyst:
        • In the image shown, a hyperechoic band can be seen within or just above the anterior wall of the cyst, especially on the left side of the image:
          • The acoustic mismatches between this band and the less echogenic tissue superficial to it and the anechoic fluid deep to it, cause echoes that reverberate, creating the artifact in the near field of the cyst
  • References
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