Peritoneal Washing in Pancreatic Cancer

Peritoneal washing cytology (CY)+ in Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is classified as M1 disease by the American Joint Committee on Cancer staging system and NCCN guidelines, whereas the Japanese General Rules for Pancreatic Cancer have not yet included the CY status for staging.

Hiroyoshi Tsuchida et al analysed well-maintained, nationwide database of 1970 patients with PDAC to evaluate the relationship among CY status, clinical factors, and overall survival and to clarify the clinical implications for operative resection in patients who are CY+ status.

It demonstrated that OS in patients who underwent resection was markedly worse in patients who were CY+ than in patients who were CY– who underwent resection and that peritoneal recurrence appeared earlier in patients who were CY+.

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