CALGB 9343 Trial

  • The CALGB 9343 trial:
    • Enrolled 647 patients:
      • From 1994 until 1999
    • Long-term follow-up data:
      • Were published in 2013:
        • With a median follow-up of:
          • 12.6 years
    • Women age 70 years or older:
      • With clinical stage I:
        • cT1, cN0, cM0
      • ER-positive breast cancer
      • Treated by lumpectomy
    • Were randomly assigned to receive:
      • Tamoxifen plus radiation therapy (TamRT) or
      • Tamoxifen alone (Tam)
    • At 10 years:
      • 98% of women:
        • Receiving TamRT were free from local and regional recurrences
      • Compared to 91% of those receiving Tam
    • The 10-year estimates of overall survival (OS) were:
      • 67% (95% confidence interval [CI], 62–72%) in the TamRT group versus
      • 66% (95% CI, 61%–71%) in the Tam group:
        • But the difference was not statistically significant
    • In addition to concluding that:
      • While RT (in addition to Tam):
        • Reduces locoregional recurrence:
          • The authors noted that “the impact of breast cancer in this select group of older women is much smaller than that of comorbid conditions:
            • Only 3% of women in study have died as a result of breast cancer whereas 49% have died as a result of other causes


  1. Hughes KS, Schnaper LA, Bellon JR, et al. Lumpectomy plus tamoxifen with or without irradiation in women age 70 years or older with early breast cancer: long-term follow-up of CALGB 9343. J Clin Oncol. 2013;31:2382-2389.

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