BRCAPRO for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment


  • BRCAPRO calculates;
    • person’s probability of carrying a deleterious mutation of BRCA1, BRCA2, or both:
      • On the basis of the:
        • Person’s cancer status
        • The history of breast and ovarian cancer:
          • In first- and second-degree relatives
    • BRCAPRO is especially accurate in predicting testing results:
      • When the probability of the woman being a carrier of a deleterious mutation is less than 70%
    • BRCAPRO results can help patients:
      • Decide whether to undergo genetic testing:
        • Testing is generally most useful for women whose BRCAPRO results indicate:
          • That they have intermediate probability of being a BRCA carrier
        • If BRCAPRO results indicate that the patient’s probability of being a carrier is very low:
          • Genetic testing will almost certainly yield negative results 
        • For patients with a very high pretest probability of BRCA carriage:
          • Genetic testing results can help guide screening of other family members
      • Before using BRCAPRO:
        • The clinician should determine whether the patient is prepared to make decisions on the basis of her level of risk:
          • If she is not prepared to make lifestyle or healthcare changes to reduce moderate risk, or perhaps consider prophylactic surgery for extremely high risk, then the information provided by BRCAPRO has no value


  • Rodrigo Arrangoiz MS, MD, FACS cirujano oncology y cirujano de mamá de Sociedad Quirúrgica S.C en el America British Cowdray Medical Center en la ciudad de Mexico:
    • Es experto en el manejo del cáncer de mama.

👉Es miembro de la American Society of Breast Surgeons:


• General surgery:

• Michigan State University:

• 2004 al 2010

• Surgical Oncology / Head and Neck Surgery / Endocrine Surgery:

• Fox Chase Cancer Center (Filadelfia):

• 2010 al 2012

• Masters in Science (Clinical research for health professionals):

• Drexel University (Filadelfia):

• 2010 al 2012

• Surgical Oncology / Head and Neck Surgery / Endocrine Surgery:

• IFHNOS / Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:

• 2014 al 2016










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