Diagnostic Utility of Thyroseq as a Thyroid Molecular Test

👉The primary application of ThyroSeq is to provide accurate cancer diagnosis in thyroid nodules with indeterminate FNA cytology. 

👉Indeterminate FNA cytology encompasses diagnostic categories III, IV, and V of the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology.

👉Uncertain and variable risk of cancer in these nodules hampers clinical management of these patients. 

👉ThyroSeq stratifies thyroid nodules with indeterminate cytology into those that are most likely benign and can frequently be followed by observation and those that have a high probability of being cancer or pre-cancer, which in most cases need surgical management. 

👉ThyroSeq Clinical Validation Study Overview

  • Reported in the premiere medical journal – JAMA Oncology(Steward, DL et al. JAMA Oncol. 2018.) 
  • Largest prospective double-blind multicenter study of any commercially available molecular test
  • Highest NPV (97%) and PPV (66%) among well validated tests
  • Highest reduction in diagnostic surgery – allowing avoidance of surgery for up to 61% of all Bethesda III/IV nodules and 82% of indeterminate nodules with benign pathology 
  • Reliable detection of all types of thyroid tumors including Hurthle cell cancer
  • Reports probability of cancer and predicted risk of cancer recurrence, empowering individualized patient management

👉Rodrigo Arrangoiz MS, MD, FACS a head and neck surgeon / endocrine surgeon / surgical oncologist and is a member of Sociedad Quirúrgica S.C at the America British Cowdray Medical Center in Mexico City:



  • Rodrigo Arrangoiz MS, MD, FACS:
    • Is a member of the American Head and Neck Society


    • He is a member of the American Thyroid Association:




• General surgery:

• Michigan State University:

• 2004 al 2010

• Surgical Oncology / Head and Neck Surgery / Endocrine Surgery:

• Fox Chase Cancer Center (Filadelfia):

• 2010 al 2012

• Masters in Science (Clinical research for health professionals):

• Drexel University (Filadelfia):

• 2010 al 2012

• Surgical Oncology / Head and Neck Surgery / Endocrine Surgery:

• IFHNOS / Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:

• 2014 al 2016

























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