Second Generation Laryngeal Cancer Preservation Trials

  • The second generation of laryngeal preservation trials were published in 2003
  • The RTOG 91–11 trials:
    • Showed that both concomitant and neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy with cisplatin:
      • Resulted in no statistically significant differences in survival compared to radiotherapy alone:
        • However, laryngeal preservation was highest with concomitant chemoradiotherapy (84%) compared to neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy (72%) and radiotherapy alone (67%)
      • On the other hand, concomitant chemoradiotherapy resulted in significantly worse acute toxicity compared to induction and chemotherapy and radiotherapy alone
  • Reference:
    • Forastiere AA, Goepfert H, Maor M et al. Concurrent chemotherapy and radiotherapy for organ preservation in advanced laryngeal cancer. New England Journal of Medicine 2003; 349: 2091–8.
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