Excision Lesions on the Nose and Reconstruction of Surgical Defects Part 1

  • The basic principles of reconstruction of cutaneous defects on the nose:
    • Require a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the nasal aesthetic subunits:
      • To facilitate appropriate excision and reconstruction
  • The cutaneous surface of the nose:
    • Is divided into several aesthetic subunits, shown in Figure:
      • The most cephalad part of the nose:
        • Also called the root of the nose:
          • Encompasses a subunit extending from the medial aspect of the eyebrow from one side to the other
      • The middle third of the nose is divided into:
        • The dorsum and lateral walls
      • The lower third of the nose is divided into:
        • The tip of the nose, the alar subunit, and the columella
  • Excision of any lesion involving any part of the cutaneous surface of the nose:
    • Therefore should include consideration of these subunits:
      • In planning not only the excision but also repair or reconstruction:
        • If the nasal aesthetic subunits are not considered in treatment planning:
          • The aesthetic result is not optimal
Aesthetic Subunits of the Nose
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