Clinicopathologic Staging of Patients with Thyroid Cancer

  • Clinicopathologic staging of patients with thyroid cancer is valuable for many reasons, including the following:
    • To estimate risk of recurrence and disease-specific mortality for an individual patient
    • To tailor decisions regarding postoperative adjunctive therapy to the patient’s risk for disease recurrence and mortality:
      • Such as the need for radioiodine [RAI] ablation and degree of thyroid-stimulating hormone [TSH] suppression:
    • To make decisions regarding the frequency, modality, and intensity of follow-up:
      • Based upon an individual patient’s risk of recurrence and mortality
    • To enable accurate communication regarding a patient among health care professionals
    • To allow evaluation of differing therapeutic strategies applied to comparable groups of patients in clinical studies
    • To provide a method of conveying clinical experience to others without ambiguity
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