Recurrence Rate for Oral Tongue Carcinoma

  • Recurrence rates for oral tongue carcinoma are:
  • 10% to 50%:
    • Usually being locoregional
  • Similar to other sites:
    • Recurrence usually occurs within the first two years
  • Factors that influence local recurrence include:
    • Tumor thickness
    • The presence of perineural spread
  • It has been proposed that recurrence of thicker tumors:
    • Is related to difficulty in assessing deep clearance intraoperatively compared to assessing mucosal clearance
  • Patients younger than 40 years:
    • Have been demonstrated to be significantly more likely to develop locoregional failure:
      • Although this does not influence survival
  • 10% of patients who have developed a tongue tumor:
    • Will develop metachronous second tumors of the oral cavity
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