Epidemiology of SCC of the Oral Tongue

  • In populations where tobacco chewing is not endemic:
    • The oral tongue is one of the most common sites for oral cancer:
      • 22% to 39% of oral cancers developing at this site
  • Within the site:
    • Most tumors occur in the middle third of the tongue:
      • Commonly on the lateral aspect:
        • Followed by the ventral aspect of the tongue
    • Only 4% to 5 % of tongue carcinomas occur on the dorsum of the tongue
  • Tongue cancer:
    • Occurs slightly more frequently in males:
      • The age at diagnosis usually being in the sixth to eighth decades:
        • 90% of patients being greater than 40 years of age
      • The male-to-female ratio has decreased in recent years:
        • Possibly due to increased alcohol consumption by females
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption:
    • Is common among patients with tongue cancer:
      • Up to 70% describing significant tobacco and alcohol use
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