Floor of the Mount Surgical Anatomy

  • Surgical anatomy:
    • The floor of mouth:
      • Is the mucosal lining of the anterior and lateral floor of the mouth
    • The area is bound anteriorly and laterally:
      • By the attached mucoperiosteum of the mandibular alveolus
    • The lateral floor of mouth is bound posteriorly:
      • By the anterior tonsillar pillars
    • Medially, the floor of mouth:
      • Merges with the ventral and lateral aspects of the tongue
  • The floor of mouth is lined by:
    • Nonkeratinizing stratified squamous epithelium similar to the buccal mucosa:
      • But with a less dense submucosa
    • Underlying the mucosa:
      • Lie minor salivary glands, the sublingual glands, submandibular ducts, hypoglossal nerves, lingual nerves and genioglossus muscles:
        • These structures are located in an area bound by the mylohyoid muscle laterally and hypoglossal muscle medially
    • The submandibular ducts:
      • Enter the mouth anteriorly either side of the lingual frenum
  • Sensory innervation to the area is by the:
    • Lingual branch of the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve
  • Lymphatic drainage of the lateral floor of the mouth is via:
    • The ipsilateral submandibular nodes to the deep cervical chain
  • Lymphatic drainage of the anterior floor of mouth is via:
    • The submental nodes to both the left and right deep cervical chains
  • Lingual lymph nodes in the floor of mouth:
    • Above the mylohyoid, may have implications regarding the management of tumors of the floor of mouth
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