Soft / Text Trials in Breast Cancer

  • In the SOFT / TEXT trials:
    • Premenopausal women:
      • Were given ovarian function suppression with adjuvant aromatase inhibitor or tamoxifen and outcomes were compared to tamoxifen alone for 5 years
  • The SOFT / TEXT trials:
    • Showed a disease-free survival benefit of 2.1% and an overall survival benefit of 4.3% at 8 years:
      • With GnRH agonist and tamoxifen over tamoxifen alone in the cohort of women who had prior chemotherapy
  • Tamoxifen alone is still an effective endocrine therapy and would be appropriate if patients choose not to use ovarian function suppression
  • Raloxifene is a selective ER modulator similar to tamoxifen:
    • It is FDA-approved only for breast cancer risk reduction in post-menopausal women
  • Oophorectomy alone is not as effective without additional endocrine therapy


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