Classic Papillary Thyroid Cancer (PTC)

  • The diagnosis of classic PTC requires nuclear features including:
    • Intranuclear inclusions and nuclear grooves
    • The nuclei are larger than usual and often overlap:
      • Some may appear empty and are often called “Orphan Annie eyes
  • The nuclear features of PTC distinguish it from other tumors:
    • Enabling it to be diagnosed on fine-needle aspiration
  • In addition, the tumor architecture is characterized by:
    • Branching papillae with a central fibrovascular stalk
  • Psammoma bodies, or “ghosts” of infarcted papillae:
    • Are virtually pathognomonic of PTC:
      • These concentriclamellatedcalcified spheres may be seen in approximately 50of cases
  • Classical PTC is typically unencapsulated with invasive and ill-defined margins:
    • Nevertheless, this common histologic type is generally associated with an excellent prognosis
Surgical specimen showing the classic histologic appearance of papillary thyroid cancer with papillary structure (branching papillae) and no follicles or colloid. Follicular development can be seen in some of these carcinomas (follicular variant of papillary thyroid cancer); in them, the diagnosis is made from the cytologic features of the cells.
FNA of a thyroid nodule showing papillary thyroid cancer. The cells and nuclei are large, and their cytoplasm has a “ground glass” appearance. Nucleoli are prominent, and the nuclei have clefts, grooves, and “holes” due to intranuclear cytoplasmic inclusions (“Orphan Annie eyes”).

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