Surgical Percentages

  • What percentage of people in the United States will develop acute appendicitis?
    • Approximately 7%
  • What is the acceptable percentage of normal appendices removed with the preoperative diagnosis of appendicitis?
    • Up to 20%:
      • It is better to remove some normal appendices than to miss a case of acute appendicitis:
        • Which could result in a ruptured appendix
  • In what percentage of cases does an upper GI bleed stop spontaneously?
    • Around 80%
  • What percentage of American women develops breast cancer?
    • 12%
  • What percentage of patients with gallstones will have radiopaque gallstones on abdominal x-ray (AXR)?
    • Approximately 10%
  • What percentage of kidney stones is radiopaque on AXR?
    • Approximately 90%
  • At 6 weeks, wounds have achieved what percentage of their total tensile strength?
    • Approximately 90%
  • What percentage of the population has a Meckel’s diverticulum?
    • 2%
  • One unit of packed RBCs increases the hematocrit by how much?
    • 3%
  • Additional 1 L/min by nasal cannula increases FIO2 by how much?
    • 3%

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