Removal of Morphologically Abnormal Parathyroid Gland (s)

  • The gland is bluntly dissected from the surrounding tissue back toward its vascular pedicle, with particular care not to breach the capsule of the gland (Figure)
Exposure of the vascular pedicle. The gland has been dissected away from the surrounding tissue to expose its supplying vascular pedicle, which can then be ligated with a bipolar cautery or a small clip. The position of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, which can be seen in the bottom of the image, should be re-confirmed during this stage
  • The vascular pedicle is then ligated with bipolar cautery or a small clip:
    • After first re-confirming the position of RLN.
  • The excised gland(s) should then be sent to pathology
    • To confirm the weight and presence of parathyroid tissue, if available

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