Surgical Most Commons

  • What is the most common:
    • Type of melanoma?
      • Superficial spreading
    • Type of breast cancer?
      • Infiltrating ductal
    • Site of breast cancer?
      • Upper outer quadrant
    • Vessel involved with a bleeding duodenal ulcer?
      • Gastroduodenal artery
    • Cause of common bile duct obstruction?
      • Secondary Choledocholithiasis
    • Cause of small bowel obstruction (SBO) in adults in the United States?
      • Postoperative peritoneal adhesions
    • Cause of SBO in children?
      • Hernias
    • Cause of emergency abdominal surgery in the United States?
      • Acute appendicitis
    • Electrolyte deficiency causing ileus?
      • Hypokalemia
    • Cause of blood transfusion resulting in death?
      • Clerical error (wrong blood types)
    • Site of distant metastasis of sarcoma?
      • Lungs (hematogenous spread)
    • Position of anal fissure?
      • Posterior
    • Acute pancreatitis?
      • Biliary / Gallstones
    • Chronic pancreatitis?
      • Alcohol
    • Cause of large bowel obstruction?
      • Colon cancer
    • Cause of fever less than 48 postoperative hours?
      • Atelectasis
    • Bacterial cause of urinary tract infection (UTI)?
      • Escherichia coli
    • Abdominal organ injured in blunt abdominal trauma?
      • Liver
    • Benign tumor of the liver?
      • Hemangioma
    • Malignancy of the liver?
      • Metastasis
    • Pneumonia in the ICU?
      • Gram-negative bacteria
    • Cause of epidural hematoma?
      • Middle meningeal artery injury
    • Cause of lower GI bleeding?
      • Upper GI bleeding
    • Cancer in females?
      • Breast cancer
    • Cancer in males?
      • Prostate cancer
    • Type of cancer causing DEATH in males and females?
      • Lung cancer
    • Cause of free peritoneal air?
      • Perforated peptic ulcer disease
    • Cause of death ages 1 to 44?
      • Trauma

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