Tuberous Breast Deformity

The inferior pole of the right breast is underdeveloped; the entire left breast is severely hypoplastic. 
  • Tuberous breast deformity:
    • Is an abnormality in breast development that involves:
      • Constriction around the nipple areolar complex
      • Hypoplasia of the breast
      • Herniation of the underdeveloped breast tissue toward the nipple areolar complex 
    • The deformity can be:
      • Unilateral or bilateral
    • The appearance of the breast is variable, and a classification of the deformities has been proposed (see image)
  • The underlying breast parenchyma:
    • Can contain all forms of breast abnormalities, including:
      • Fibroadenomas
    • Breast symmetry concerns are best addressed by a surgeon who can address the tuberous breast abnormality:
      • Reconstructive techniques vary based on the degree of deformity but include:
        • Releasing the fibrous band that causes the constriction
        • Reduction in areolar size if desired
        • Glandular reconstruction, and implant placement
  • References:
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Classification of tuberous breast deformities

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