Nipple Adenoma

  • Nipple adenoma:
    • Is an intraductal papilloma:
      • That arises within the terminal lactiferous ducts
  • Nipple adenomas are rare:
    • But usually present as a mass visualized on the nipple:
      • It can become ulcerated and caused bleeding
  • Nipple adenomas also can be associated with:
    • Nipple discharge
    • Pain
    • Loss of nipple tissue
      • Often confusing the diagnosis with Paget’s Disease or eczema
  • Topical steroids:
    • Are not recommended for the treatment of a nipple adenoma
  • Despite their benignity:
    • Complete surgical resection to a negative margin is recommended:
      • Because they can be associated with atypia or ductal carcinoma in situ
  • Nipple resection is not necessary:
    • If the adenoma can be removed with a negative surgical margin
  • Breast MRI is not indicated for the diagnosis of a nipple adenoma
  • References:
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