Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

  • Lymph node involvement:
    • The incidence of nodal metastases in adults depends upon the extent of surgery:
      • Among patients who undergo a modified radical neck dissection:
        • Up to 80% have lymph node metastases:
          • Half of which are microscopic
      • Even among patients with papillary microcarcinomas who have prophylactic central node dissection:
        • Microscopic metastases have been reported in 37% to 64%
    • At diagnosis, clinically detectable regional lymph node metastases:
      • Are more common in children (approximately 50%) than adults (30% to 40%)
  • Invasion of either the thyroid capsule or a lymph node capsule into surrounding soft tissue:
    • Has been reported in 5% to 35% of surgical specimens
  • Vascular invasion:
    • Is seen in only approximately 5% to 10% of the cases
  • Metastases:
    • From 2% to 10% of patients have metastases beyond the neck at the time of diagnosis:
      • Among such patients:
        • Two-thirds have pulmonary and one-fourth have skeletal metastases
        • Rarer sites of metastasis are the:
          • Brain, kidneys, liver, and adrenals

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