Mayor Horn of the Hyoid Bone

Did you know? ūü§Ē
The major horn of the hyoid bone is a useful repair in lateral neck surgeries.
Its highlight allows us to specify the location:

  • towards the upper: of the hypoglossal nerve next to the ranine veins and of the lingual artery (in the triangle of Beclard).
  • downwards: from the nerve and the superior laryngeal vessels (in the Portmann quadrilateral).

1- Major horn (horn) of the hyoid bone.
2- Hypoglossal nerve.
3- Lingual artery: 3a -in the area of the triangle of Beclard, behind the hyoglossus muscle. 3b- in the area of the Pirogoff triangle, behind the mylohyoid and hyoglossus muscle.
4- Anterior belly of the digastric muscle.
5- Superior laryngeal nerve.
6- Mylohyoid muscle (in submental triangle).
7- Posterior belly of the digastric muscle.
8- Minor horn (horn) of the hyoid bone.
9- Body of the hyoid bone.
10- Cranial insertion of the omohyoid muscle.
11- Thyrohyoid muscle.
12- Sternocleidohyoid muscle.
13- Lateral thyroid ligament.
14- Portmann quadrilateral.
15- Upper horn of the thyroid cartilage.
16- Trunk of the superior thyroid artery and superior laryngeal artery.
17- Primitive carotid artery.
18- Internal jugular vein.
19- Projection of the imaginary “safety” line in the Sistrunk operation.
20- Stylohyoid muscle.
21- Fascial sling of the intermediate tendon of the digastric muscle.

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