• Breast MRI:
    • Can be a very useful tool in both the diagnosis and staging of breast cancer
  • Based on the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program database and Medicare data pre-operative breast MRI use:
    • Has increased from:
      • 5.9% to 22.4% for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
      • 7.0% to 24.3% for invasive cancer
  • In cases such as invasive lobular disease:
    • Pre-operative MRI has been shown to decrease the rate of re-excision:
      • However, data on the benefit of routine pre-operative breast MRI are mixed:
        • With some studies showing an increase in mastectomy rate:
          • While other studies have not shown an increase in mastectomy rate
        • Contralateral mastectomy has also been shown to be higher in those with pre-operative MRI
  • When all tumor types were considered:
    • There was consistently no difference in the rate of re-excision in those undergoing pre-operative MRI vs. no MRI
  • recent meta-analysis showed that pre-operative MRI:
    • Was associated with increased odds of receiving ipsilateral mastectomy and contralateral prophylactic mastectomy with no difference in rates of re-excision, re-operation, or positive margins:
      • Therefore, use of MRI should be an individualized decision, and routine use in all patients is not appropriate
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