Accessory Breast Tissue

  • Accessory breast tissue:
    • Is an isolated parenchymal mass without a nipple-areolar complex
    • It occurs due to failed regression of primitive mammary tissue
    • It most often occurs in the axilla
  • Unlike the tail of Spence;
    • Which is a normal extension of breast tissue to the underarm:
      • Accessory breast tissue of the axilla is not functionally connected to the breast
  • Accessory breast tissue:
    • Is normal breast tissue
    • Is subject to the same benign and malignant conditions that can occur in the breast
  • Ultrasound is the primary modality for evaluation:
    • Accessory breast tissue:
      • Can appear as either:
        • A purely glandular elements
        • Fibrous elements or 
        • A mixture of fibrous and glandular elements
  • The mediolateral oblique (MLO) view on mammogram:
    • Is the best for imaging the lower aspect of the axilla and the axillary tail of the breast
  • On breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):
    • Accessory breast tissue:
      • Can appear as a subcutaneous, poorly defined lesion that has contrast enhancement and signal intensity similar to the breast but is discontiguous with the rest of the breast parenchyma
  • References:
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