Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma

  • ATA Guidelines in Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma:
    • Work-up:
      • Immediate diagnosis is essential
      • The biopsy should undergo molecular evaluation:
        • Including:
          • BRAF V600E mutation
      • Airway assessment is paramount
      • Staging including anatomic imaging (head to toe)
    • Role of surgery:
      • Only 10% of patients present with local disease that is resectable
      • Local disease:
        • Compete resection is standard
      • Neoadjuvant therapy (targeted therapy) followed by surgery when feasible:
        • Local regional disease that is borderline resectable or un-resectable with actionable mutations:
          • BRAF V600E mutation, ALK fusions, TRK fusion
          • CHEK point inhibitors
      • Palliative resection (rare indication)
      • Open biopsy for diagnosis:
        • When FNA or core needle biopsy is undetermined
    • Advance local disease:
      • Indication for tracheostomy:
        • First we must have an educated discussion with the patient:
          • Discuss prognosis
          • Concerns
          • Airway signs and symptoms
          • Wishes

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