Radial Scar

  • Excision is recommended:
    • Because approximately 8% to 17% of radial scars:
      • Will be found to be associated with an adjacent malignant lesion:
        • The risk may be higher with abnormal mammogram findings
  • There is no indication for annual breast magnetic resonance screening in a patient with a radial scar
  • As a radial scar does not confer an increased risk of developing breast cancer:
    • Chemoprevention with tamoxifen is not indicated
  • References:
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“Black Star”: Left craniocaudal (a) and mediolateral oblique (b) mammograms show an area of architectural distortion with radiolucent core in the union of upper quadrants (white circle). Left mediolateral oblique tomosynthesis (c) confirms the area of architectural distortion and shows better the radiolucent core with the radiating long thin spicules (white circle)

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