Hypocalcemia post total thyroidectomy

👉Hypocalcemia post total thyroidectomy – Anish Kolly et el May 2017 World Journal of Endocrine Surgery

👉The occurrence of hypocalcemia postthyroidectomy is a menacing condition and can be permanent in severe forms.

👉The extent of surgery, presence of Graves’ disease, technique of surgery, and the presence of preoperative vitamin D deficiency have all been proven to play a role in increasing the risk of postoperative hypocalcemia.

👉With the increasing trend of day-care surgeries and early discharge of patients postsurgery, the need of the hour is to evaluate for possible markers to aid in early prediction of postoperative hypocalcemia.

👉Preoperative vitamin D levels, pre- and postoperative iPTH measurement, and evaluation of trend of calcium changes postoperatively can all aid in the prediction of subsequent hypocalcemia. This can aid in selecting the patients at risk for developing hypocalcemia, in order to discharge calcium and active vitamin D replacement and to follow up accordingly.

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