Lymph Node Staging in Breast Cancer in Patients Greater Than 70 Years of Age

  • Triple-negative breast cancer:
    • Is more responsive to preoperative chemotherapy compared to ER/PR+, HER2neu negative breast cancer:
      • Pathologic complete response is seen in approximately 30% to 40% of patients undergoing treatment with a third-generation regimen:
        • A pathologic complete response:
          • Is highly prognostic in this subset
  • While ER negative breast cancers:
    • Have a lower propensity for regional nodal metastasis compared to ER+ tumors:
      • The difference is relatively small (2% to 5%):
        • Therefore, nodal staging is still a standard practice recommendation
  • The Choosing Wisely guideline:
    • For omission of routine use of sentinel node biopsy in clinically node-negative women ≥ 70 years of age applies to hormone receptor positive breast cancer
  • Sentinel node biopsy may be successfully performed after neoadjuvant chemotherapy and should be performed patients with a clinically negative axilla
  • References
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