The Need for Axillary Staging in the Context of Prophylactic Mastectomy

  • Multiple studies, including a meta-analysis of six studies:
    • Show significant benefit with use of bilateral prophylactic mastectomies (BPM) in BRCA carriers:
      • With up to 90% risk reduction
  • The need for axillary staging in the context of prophylactic mastectomy:
    • Pooled results from a meta-analysis and systematic review report similar findings:
      • The risk of occult disease at time of mastectomy:
        • Is low (less than 2%)
      • There is an extremely low risk of nodal involvement:
        • Less than 2%
      • Only 2.8% of cases have a change in management as a result of the SLNB
    • As a result, the routine use of SLNB is not recommended
  • Data have evolved that show the benefit of MRI screening in patients at highest risk for breast cancer development
    • McLaughlin and colleagues questioned whether preoperative breast MRI could be used to determine the need for SLNB at time of prophylactic mastectomy:
      • In their series of 178 patients with MRI and SLNB at time of prophylactic mastectomy:
        • Six occult cancers were found
        • All six patients had abnormal findings preoperatively on MRI, with negative predictive value of 100% for invasive disease
          • The researchers concluded that MRI could be utilized to select low-risk patients who may avoid SLNB at time of BPM
    • The study by McLaughlin et al. included BRCA mutation carriers, but only one study specifically evaluated the use of SLNB in BRCA carriers:
      • This trial reported similar results, with occult invasive disease detected in 2.5%
      • No patients in this cohort had node-positive disease, and there were no axillary recurrences at median 34-month followup
  • There are case reports of successful SLNB after mastectomy:
    • But currently the routine use is discouraged by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines
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