• Aggressive screening of patients at risk for skin cancer is essential to minimize the morbidity and mortality of NMSC
  • Patients at risk include those with:
    • Light skin types
    • Immunosuppression
    • A family or personal history of skin cancer
    • Exposure to UV radiation should be limited in children with regular use of broad-spectrum sunscreen from an early age:
      • Appropriate SPF level and application techniques should be emphasized for all patients, especially regarding applications to the face and neck
  • Regular examination of the skin by a dermatologist is recommended for all patients at risk for skin cancer on at least a yearly basis
  • A complete skin examination includes:
    • Examination of the entire skin surface, including the scalp, with particular attention to previous areas of skin cancer
  • For patients with a history of AKs or NMSCs:
    • Regular follow-up with a dermatologist is recommended
  • For patients with SCC:
    • Most recurrences or metastases will occur within 2 years, and almost all will occur within 5 years
    • In addition, patients with a history of SCC:
      • Should undergo a thorough examination of all regional lymph node basins to evaluate for metastases

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