Post Thyroidectomy Hypocalcemia

👉Even if you are sure to identify #parathyroid glands, why do you still have postoperative #hypocalcemia?

👉Thinking that the parathyroid glands may have been localized is nice, but being sure is better.

👉In order to localize the parathyroid glands, even before your expert eyes, use #autofluorescence #imaging in early stages during #thyroidectomy.

👉Early localization of parathyroid glands helps to improve the early postoperative hypocalcemia rate significantly and increase parathyroid preservation after total thyroidectomy.

👉Nice article about this topic:

#Arrangoiz #ThyroidSurgeon #ThyroidExpert #Hypocalcemia #PostOperativeHypocalcemia #Hypoparathyroidism #AutoFluorescence #CASO #CenterforAdvancedSurgicalOncology

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