De-escalation of Thyroid Cancer

👉Treatment for thyroid cancer used to be a one size fits all

👉New guidelines have allowed physicians to take a more evidence based / personalized approach and include the patient in the decision-making process

👉That’s the way I like to approach this disease process in my patients

👉Classically, thyroid cancer was treated by removing the entire thyroid gland

👉This has significantly changed from that management option to a very evidenced based / individualized management that not only depends on the type of thyroid cancer but also depends on the size of the thyroid cancer and if it has any other aggressive features

👉One option for treating minimally invasive papillary thyroid cancer is active surveillance in very selected cases

👉Another option is surgery, either a thyroid lobectomy va total thyroidectomy

They also said to make sure you get information about all eventual outcomes.

👉70% to 80% of nodules are benign

👉Also the survival rate of most thyroid cancers is in excess of 90%

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