HER Positive Breast Cancer

– Breast cancer is mainly hormonally driven, with around 70% of cancers expressing the estrogen
receptor (ER)

– A number of other peptide growth factors and their receptors, namely members of the receptor tyrosine kinase family, have been implicated in normal breast development and in carcinogenesis

– Amplification of the human epidermal growth factor receptor2 (HER-2) gene is found in approximately 15% to 30% of breast cancers

– Historically, HER-2 overexpression has been associated with aggressive disease and poor prognosis

-However, the use of targeted anti-HER-2 therapy has revolutionized the treatment of HER-2-positive disease, and use of the monoclonal antibody trastuzumab in combination with chemotherapy is now standard of care for tumors greater than 1 cm in size and in node-positive disease

– More recently, the value of
dual-agent anti-HER-2 therapy has been demonstrated in large clinical trials

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