Clinical Manifestations of Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer (PABC) Part II

Any palpable abnormality in a pregnant or postpartum woman persisting for more than a few weeks needs a careful investigative workup to rule out PABC.

Although up to 90% of PABC presents as a palpable mass, there can be atypical presentations, including milk rejection from the affected breast or bloody nipple discharge.

Bloody nipple discharge can be especially difficult to differentiate from a benign or malignant origin as it may happen due to pregnancy-induced changes leading to delicate intraductal epithelial spurs that are easily traumatized and shed and thus not considered pathologic in all cases.

In the absence of clinically detectable masses or abnormality on cytology, these patients may be followed closely.

However, if bloody nipple discharge persists after several months postpartum, diagnostic studies should be performed to rule out pathology.

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