Epidemiology of Tongue Cancer

👉Malignant neoplasm of the tongue are by far more common in men than in women (66-95% of cases), this is similar to the rest of the oral cavity .

👉The incidence by gender varies depending on the anatomic location and has been changing due to the increase in the number of women who smoke. The male to female ratio is currently 3:1.

👉The incidence of oral cavity and tongue cancer increases with age, especially after age 50. Most patients are between 50 and 70 years but can also occur in younger patients.

👉There are large differences in the incidence of oral cavity cancer among different geographical regions.

👉The highest incidence of this disease is found in Asia and is believed to reflect the prevalence of certain risk factors, such as chewing betel nut and the use of smokeless tobacco (snuff).

👉In the United States, in urban areas the high incidence among men is thought to reflect exposure to snuff and alcohol. Among women in rural areas in the United States the increase risk of oral cavity cancer is associated with the use of smokeless tobacco (snuff)

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