CDH1 Mutation – Breast and Gastric Cancer

  • Recognizing family history patterns associated with specific gene mutations is important:
    • A family history of invasive lobular cancer and gastric cancer:
      • May be associated with CDH1 mutations
        • These mutations confer a 6.6 times greater risk of breast cancer than the general population:
          • And are associated with a high risk of hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (55% to 80%)
    • Patients with CDH1 mutations:
      • Should be offered prophylactic gastrectomy
      • Consideration of bilateral prophylactic mastectomy:
        • Based on family history
      • If surgery is not pursued, guidelines for screening for gastric cancer include:
        • Yearly endoscopic surveillance with random mucosal biopsies;
      • Breast screening consists of:
        • Annual mammogram and breast MRI
  • References:
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