Risk Reducing Surgery vs. Active Surveillance for Breast Cancer Depends on Patients Age

  • The risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer:
    • Is directly related to a woman’s age
    • An unaffected 30-year-old BRCA carrier:
      • Has a 66% and 12.2%:
        • Cumulative risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer by age 80, respectively
    • By contrast, an unaffected 60-year-old BRCA carrier has a:
      • 48% and 3.8% cumulative risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer by age 80
    • When counseling women on the optimal timing of prophylactic surgeries:
      • It is important to consider the woman’s age:
        • As the cumulative risk decreases with each decade of life
      • Whereas risk-reduction surgery is a reasonable choice for a 40-year-old:
        • It is equally reasonable to pursue high-risk surveillance alone for a 60-year-old woman, if she so desires
    • The benefit of breast cancer risk-reduction associated with TAH-BSO:
      • Especially in postmenopausal women, has been questioned
      • Some studies report reduction in breast cancer risk associated with BSO:
        • But a recent study by Kotsopoulos found:
          • Only a reduction in breast cancer risk following BSO among premenopausal BRCA2 mutation carriers
        • The risk reduction seen in postmenopausal women is debated
  • References:
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