Addition of a boost to the tumor bed following a course of whole-breast irradiation is effective for treating positive margins?

  • A meta-analysis demonstrated that a positive surgical margin:
    • Defined as the presence of invasive disease or ductal carcinoma in situ on ink:
      • Is associated with at least a 2-fold increase in the risk of ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR):
        • Odds ratio, 1.96:
          • Which has been confirmed by other series
  • While a boost may partially mitigate the effect of a positive surgical margin:
    • The risk of a local failure:
      • Remains higher than in a patient with a cleared surgical margin treated with boosted whole-breast irradiation
  • Furthermore, a randomized clinical trial showed:
    • That increasing the boost dose:
      • Does not nullify the increased risk of local recurrence associated with a positive surgical margin:
        • 17.5% vs 10.8%:
          • P=>0.1
    • This is true regardless of the type and fractionation pattern of the radiotherapy
  • Neither favorable tumor biology (including receptor status) nor the administration of systemic therapy:
    • Can completely offset the effect of a positive margin
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